Homesteading Dreams

What does your homesteading dream look like?

When you first start dreaming of homesteading, it’s easy to get all dreamy and idealistic and forget details. Are you concerned about buying the right piece of land? Or maybe you’re already on it. Do you know what to look for in soil types? What about the geographical area? What about the buildings on the property? And what about the amount that is already cleared? And then, how much land, how many acres does your dream property have? Come along with us and we can help you consider the details that the dreamy point of view may have missed.

Our Dreams

The plan to our homesteading dreams is in motion. We are looking at the real estate websites, and we are looking at google maps whenever we see a potential listing we like. As we’ve been looking at these listings we are narrowing down what we’d prefer. We are researching and we are developing skills while we are still in place. There have been hundreds of conversations about what Buttercup wants and what Fern wants. plus, we’ve had hundreds of conversations about what is realistic, and what is a pipe dream. We’ve narrowed down all the details that are reasonably within our control.

Reality Check

So, here is where I don’t sound so dreamy. What is within your budget? How many years will you be on that land? Perhaps if you are young, or have a young family you could potentially be there for 30-40-50 years. But if you’re like Fern and I, already in our mid-fifties, then reality for us says, ageing in place. One thing we should be wary of stairs, especially narrow or twisting stairs. We have to be mindful of getting in over our heads and scaling up too quickly and then not being able to manage it on our own. With conditions that come with ageing, we are considering raised bed gardens right from day 1. Likewise, we are also considering a bungalow rather than an old farmhouse.

How does it fit

Don’t forget to consider how it fits with other interests in your life. We are Bushcrafters. Wilderness on our property is a huge part of what we are looking for. If you are a hunter or fisher, then perhaps your dreams have a different perspective. To each his/her own. But please go through a complete picture of those realities.

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