Buttercup & Fern

Journey to Homesteading

  • Our Dream

    What does our evolving Homestead dream look like?

  • Mastered Skills

    Discovering new skills we already had.

  • Garden Development

    How our garden grows.

Come Along and See What We're Up To Today!

  • Our Dreams Reality

    Aging in place and limitations of being over 50.

  • Next Directions

    Our plans set in motion and what we want to learn next.

  • Recommended Reading

    Books we have learned a lot from.

Why Homesteading

As our Earth is becoming more populated, and we are using more land for housing, our land suitable for growing healthy food is diminishing. If we can help to provide for ourselves and others, then it is the way we choose to grow.  If we can influence others to get back to the land, and as a society, return being more self-sustaining, then our mission has met its target.

Buttercup's Vision

Growing for a Living 


Hard Things to Learn

Budgetting and Vetting


What We Produce

Farm Fresh and Handmade


Fern's Vision

Getting back to the Land



Skills Learned


Happy People


Types Of Food Grown


Animals Raised