Who are these Hippies?

Who are Buttercup and Fern? We are a 50+ couple in southern Ontario, living in town, but with our goals set on the homestead life.

We intend to buy our Forever Awesome Homestead by 2021. We just have some Family matters to take care of before the big move.  Although we have some skills already, we have much learning and practice to do on new skills. There is always something to learn.

Having grown up at the elbow of an older mom who lived through the depression and raised her kids as a widow, Buttercup learned how to make due in many areas of life in Ontario.  Fern, on the other hand, had a middle-class upbringing in Montreal, a generation removed from a family heritage of farming.  We came together, both empty nesters, with a mutual love of Bushcraft, and a common goal of homesteading in our futures.  We have both done a little bit of gardening, we both cook, and we have both done a little bit of preserving.  In our day job lives, Fern is an IT Manager, and Buttercup is a Customer Service Associate in a retail location.

Buttercup's other online presence can be found at www.mamabearsbackpack.ca  and on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/mamabearsbackpack

Fern's presence can be found on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm5j05CDosuVG4l9vuRc34Q as well as a Twitch presence to be announced in the future.

Come along with us on this learning curve we are trying to get ahead of.

Animals, Gardens, and Tools Oh My!!!

We are in for the journey to our dream.

Having come from a history of raising families, and working in team situations we have practice in figuring out the puzzles of everyday life and of management. We communicate well with humour and a light heart in most everything we do.  Come along with us on this journey.  We are developing new skills every week.  There is always something to learn in this life.  Come along, learn with us! Lilly trusts us!



Why Choose Us

Taking a leap of faith to a homestead can be scary stuff.  We want to share the fears with you.  We're working through it right beside you. Can you grow enough food to support your family? How can you save money without starving your family or feeling like you're doing without? Come along, we will share all kinds of solutions for all sorts of concerns.  Come along with us!